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About All Pets Veterinary Hospital

A Family Owned Business

Growing up on a farm in Minnesota has given me strong sense of family and that it takes a village to reach a common goal. My passion has always been taking care of animals from the time I was 4 years old. I dreamed of being a veterinarian and owning my own practice. When the veterinarian came to our farm I would rush out to help him and pray that he would let me stay and watch. Often times, animals would die because vaccines did not exist to protect against many infectious diseases. This was a defining moment for me.

After graduating college I worked in vaccine development and created those vaccines to save animals. From there, I went on to graduate school to study genetics. Soon after, I attended and graduated veterinary school. I moved to NH to complete an internship where I met my husband and then launched a house call practice while we raised two beautiful daughters together. I launched All Pets Veterinary Hospital at the same time my third daughter was born. It then all came together for me- I was living my dream and fulfilling my life's passion!

Today, we have three full service hospitals across southern New Hampshire, all of which share the same standards of care and philosophy. I encourage you to learn about us here on our website, our Facebook page and by stopping by for a tour and to say hello. Our motto is Trust Our Family with Your Family and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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