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About BioUrn, by My Eternal Family Tree

My Eternal Family Tree was formed after the loss of our beloved pet. Upon picking up her ashes from the veterinarian we realized the need to "close the circle" with her cremated remains and wanted to do so in a loving and respectful way.

Introducing BioUrn

The loss of a family member can be difficult, and the final steps of saying "good bye" are important. Bio Urn is an ideal way to create a loving, living tribute to your pet, while giving back to the earth.

The BioUrn is hand made from biodegradable materials and holds the seed of your chosen tree, which we call a "SeedBead"tm. The SeedBead is encased in clay and nutrients, to enhance germination when planted.

The entirety of your pet's cremated remains (ashes) are held in a cotton, drawstring bag that comes in your BioUrn kit. The cotton cremains bag is placed into the BioUrn, followed by soil and your SeedBead . The BioUrn is then planted, and watered, so that the seed germinates and begins to grow. Within weeks there's the beginning of a new life, a memorial tree that will serve as a living tribute to your beloved family member for many years to come.

Browse our selection of trees and flowering shrubs and shop with confidence. The Arbor Day Foundation recommendation page will guide, and help you to choose a tree that will thrive in your particular location. If you're not ready to make your tree selection now, choose a SeedBead certificate along with your BioUrn and you can choose your tree at a later date, using "redeem your SeedBead" option.

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