Have you ever wondered why loved ones keep asking how they can help?

People want to help, but don't know how, when or where - or what's most needed.  And no one wants to intrude.

These are the reasons loved ones keep asking how they can help.

The iHelp Calendar included in each private CareCorral makes it a snap to coordinate caretaker's helpers.  Unobtrusively enlist helpers by posting tasks such as meal delivery.  You can share all the details, and members can volunteer to assist, all in the iHelp Calendar!  iHelp will also send email alerts to your members when new items are posted.

iHelp is also an excellent way to enhance outlook and optimism - as simply as in offering or organizing a coffee, a walk in the park or a movie night.  Each represents huge healing power.

iHelp effortlessly gets everyone on the same page, organized and moving the same direction!  Without all the hassles that are so common.

This also applies to help with meds, therapies and appointments - helping keep the path to recovery on schedule!